2017 June 14th Meeting Minutes

The Round Lake City Council met in regular session on June 14th, 2017 at 6:15pm at City Hall.

Councilmembers present were Paul Cunningham, Court Baumgard, Walon Habben and Mayor Doug Knuth. Others present were Bruce Bentele, Derek Nelson, Todd Steele, Linda Koning and Clerk Elaine Walker. Absent from the meeting was, Councilmember Gary Larson.

Meeting was called to order at 6:15pm by Mayor Doug Knuth.

Motion by Baumgard, second by Cunningham to approve additions to the agenda (picture donation, Todd Steele has questions & semi parking) and the agenda. All ayes: Carried.

Motion by Habben, second by Cunningham to approve the minutes from May 10th, 2017 meeting. All ayes: Carried.

Motion by Baumgard, second by Habben to approve bills & receipts as presented. All ayes: Carried.

Auditor Dennis L Rick was in to present the 2016 audit report. Balances for January 1, 2017 have been updated per Jessica’s instruction and Dennis recommended transferring funds out of the electric fund into the general fund for 2017. Clerk Elaine Walker will contact Dennis’ office for further instructions on doing that.

Resolution 2017-16-14 – Accepting donation received for the Fire Department from Terry Stern for $100.00 was motioned by Habben and seconded by Baumgard. All ayes: Carried.

The Detlefsen family would like to replace a tree that was damaged by their parents’ graves and requested permission from the City. Bruce is working on getting the trees replaced on a larger scale and will have more information for the Council at future meetings. Clerk Elaine Walker will contact the Detlefsen family and let them know that a donation would be acceptable to go toward the tree in their area, but that individual families are not usually allowed to plant trees in the cemetery.

July 1, 2017 off-sale liquor will be allowed for sale in the state of Minnesota. New law will allow for the City to restrict days of sale, where in the past it was only time of day. Council will not be limiting the days and will allow Sunday sale of off-sale liquor from 11:00am-6:00pm or during the hours within that timeframe when the Round Lake Pit Stop is open for business, according Sec. 9 Minn. Stat. 2016, section 340A.504, subdivision 6.

Motion by Baumgard, second by Habben to approve the background check for Johnathon Smith, as recommended by Round Lake Fire Chief Michael Smith. All ayes: Carried.

The Round Lake sign needs updating, it was destroyed in the wind. Multiple requests for quotes went out and only one was returned from Custom Graphics. Council would like to ask Roland Thomsen to design a new picture for the sign and replace both entrances to Round Lake with a uniform sign at both locations. Bruce Bentele will contact Roland Thomsen and see if he is interested in designing it. The Round Lake Sportsmen Club will be making a donation to help with the cost of the new sign/signs. The Council asked about the Community Club bank account, now that the Club is dissolved. The bank confirmed that there is an active account and that Sandy Consoer is the sole signer on the account. Council would like to contact Sandy Consoer to see about the Community Club donating those funds to the City to use for the new signs. Clerk Elaine Walker will reach out to Sandy Consoer to discuss this possibility.

June 1st Nuisance Ordinance violations progress updates on Keith Stubbe’s garage and Jeff Markus’ garage. At this time, neither have done any work on the garages and both told Clerk Elaine Walker that they were looking into financing for their individual projects. Council instructed Clerk Elaine Walker to contact Mark Shepherd, City Attorney, for the next step in the enforcement of the nuisance ordinance.

Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services monthly update. Mayor Knuth relayed information about the Roku Box that Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services is looking into as an option for customers to view TV. More study is required on this product before it is available to customers, if at all.

Motion by Baumgard, second by Habben to approve the quote from Duinnink to replace the asphalt along the City Hall block where it is broken up, for $8,270.00 with Bruce and Derek doing the work to remove the old broken up asphalt prior to Duinnink replacing it with new. All ayes: Carried.

Motion by Habben, second by Baumgard to approve United Safety & Design, Inc. to do an engineering model of Round Lake Municipal gas system to determine needs for existing customers and future capacity growth. Estimated cost of the engineering model will be approximately $2,500.00. All ayes: Carried.

Annual Excess Flow Valve mailer that will be going out in July’s utility billing had a motion by Baumgard and a second by Habben with the price of installation for residents at an estimate of $600-$800. Installation is entirely optional for the residents. All ayes: Carried.

Motion by Habben, second by Baumgard to approve One Solution’s proposal for 6 new council chamber chairs to make them OSHA compliant for a price of $199.99 each. All ayes: Carried.

Clerk Elaine Walker will check with surrounding towns about getting the ordinances codified so that law enforcement are able to do their job more efficiently in the City of Round Lake. Mayor Doug Knuth would also like to have a code of conduct written up for monthly Council meetings.

Clerk Elaine Walker asked about a picture that has been hanging in City Hall for years. Council approved donating it to The Greater Round Lake Community Center to put in their Round Lake history room.

Todd Steele asked the Council about the 3 lots next to his property that were purchased by Tim Kennedy. The Council understood them to be ag land. Todd Steele researched at the Nobles County assessor’s office and they are designated residential/vacant land. Clerk Elaine Walker will check into how lots are designated to inform the Council.

The City has received complaints about semi-truck parking on City streets. Further research is needed.

The next City Council meeting will be July 12th, 2017 at 6:15pm at City Hall.

City Hall will be closed on July 4th, 2017 for the July 4th Holiday.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Habben, second by Cunningham.

Meeting adjourned at 8:44pm.