2017 July 12th Meeting Minutes

The Round Lake City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 at 6:15pm at City Hall.

Council members present were: Paul Cunningham, Court Baumgard, Walon Habben, Gary Larson and Mayor Doug Knuth. Also present were: Clerk Elaine Walker, Bruce Bentele & Derek Nelson.

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Doug Knuth at 6:13pm.

Additions to agenda: Nuisance updates, Review ordinances. Motion by Larson, second by Cunningham to approve the agenda and the additions to the agenda. All ayes: Carried.

Motions by Habben, second by Cunningham to approve the minutes from June 14th, 2017 meeting. All ayes: Carried.

Motion by Baumgard, second by Larson to approve bills and receipts as presented. All ayes: Carried.

Motion by Larson, second by Cunningham to approve building permit for Keri Ling – deck on back of house with privacy fence section to give dog shade. All ayes: Carried.

Motion by Baumgard, second by Habben to approve building permit for Eugene & Melanie Cleland – deck on back of house. All ayes: Carried.

Motion by Larson, second by Cunningham to approve building permit for Jacob Krohn – shed for storing firewood. All ayes: Carried.

Resolution 2017-07-12 – Accepting Donation received for the Round Lake Cemetery to plant a tree by the Detlefsen family plots of $150.00. Motion by Baumgard, second by Habben. All ayes: Carried.

Resolution 2017-07-12(2) – Allowing for Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage for Elected Officials. Motion by Larson, second by Baumgard. All ayes: Carried.

The City of Round Lake will receive Small Cities Assistance in the amount of $7,293.00 for transportation as stated in the notice received June 9th, 2017 from the League of Minnesota Cities.

Motion by Habben, second by Larson to transfer $245,000.00 from the electric fund to the general fund as recommended by City Accountant, Dennis Rick for the 2016 Audit adjustments. All ayes: Carried.

City employees would like to seek quotes for short and long term disability insurance coverage. Council gave permission to gather quotes.

Board of Appeal and Equalization Online Training, needed for the next Board of Review Meeting. Council members Larson and Cunningham agreed to take the training online and would like a reminder in December to make sure they have gotten this taken care of.

Jesse Jennings has asked the Council for approval to park his semi on Rohrer Street during the day when he is stopped for a short time. He has made arrangements to park at the elevator at night so as not to wake the neighborhood when he leaves at 3:00am. Council would like him not to park it overnight regardless of the time he has to leave, only for short time periods during the day. Clerk Walker was instructed to contact him and let him know.

Motion by Larson, second by Cunningham to approve the City Council Meeting Guidelines with a few minor corrections to verbiage and titles. All ayes: Carried.

Sandy Consoer representing the Round Lake Community Club would like more information about the cost of the new signs in order to determine if and how much the club would like to donate toward the project.

3 lots on 6th Avenue that were purchased by Tim Kennedy. Clerk Walker checked with Nobles County and they said it doesn’t matter what they have it designated as, it’s whatever the City has it designated. The Council determined it to be ag land and as such, Tim Kennedy can build according to the rules for ag land. Council instructed Clerk Walker to contact Mark Shepherd to discuss.

Bruce Bentele – Lincoln – Pipestone Rural Water will allow us to increase our base rate, but we may want to wait until they upgrade the monitoring system.

Derek Nelson – Presented quote from Carbonite to do offsite backup of all computers for the City. Cost to the City will be $510.00 for a 3 year contract. This will automatically backup all computers used by City staff and keep it encrypted for security. In the event of a catastrophe, we would be able to restore the entire database from Carbonite and continue business as usual. Motion by Habben, second by Larson to purchase Carbonite backup program for 3 year contract. All ayes: Carried.

Elaine Walker – Will be taking vacation the week of August 7th– 11th, with the approval of moving the Council meeting to the following week.

Next meeting will be on August 16th, 2017 at 6:15pm.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Habben, second by Baumgard.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm.