2017 November 8th Meeting Minutes

The Round Lake City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 at 6:15pm at City Hall.

Councilmembers present were Court Baumgard, Walon Habben, Gary Larson and Mayor Doug Knuth. Paul Cunningham was unable to attend. Also present were Bruce Bentele, Derek Nelson and Clerk Elaine Walker. Jeff Spence and Roger Kienholz, CEO of Crystal Valley Co-Op.

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Doug Knuth at 6:15pm.

Additions to the agenda: Crystal Valley Co-Op, Semi parking on Margaret Street

Motion by Baumgard, second by Larson to approve the agenda and the additions to the agenda. All ayes: Carried.

Motion by Larson, second by Habben to approve the minutes from the October 11th, 2017 meeting. All ayes: Carried.

Motion by Larson, second by Habben to approve bills and receipts as presented. All ayes: Carried.

Derek gave status of gas consumption during grain drying season and everything is running well. The elevator is working with him to run more efficiently.

Resolution No. 2017-11-08 – Re-establishing the shared polling location for the City of Round Lake and the Township of Indian Lake, Nobles County, MN, as required by new law for the 2018 election season. Motion by Larson, second by Habben to accept. All ayes: Carried.

Motion by Baumgard, second by Habben to approve the credit of account for Frannie Hall for high usage of water, due to running toilet they were not aware of. All ayes: Carried.

Jeff Spence and CEO, Roger Kienholz from Crystal Valley Co-Op were in the meeting to discuss their plans for the elevator property located in Round Lake. They would like to quit claim deed the ball diamond park property parcel #28-000303-000, that was quit claim deeded to FCA by the Ling family to the City; with the understanding that the parcel #28-000315-800 of land located in the middle of the elevator property, that the County believes to be owned by the City, is quit claim deeded to Crystal Valley Co-Op. They are in discussions to sell the elevator property and would like the abstract to be clean. Jeff Spence will be contacting Clerk Elaine with updates on the progress of this.

Motion by Larson, second by Baumgard to have Friday, November 24th as paid day off this year and next year make it a choice between Columbus Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving as paid day off. All ayes: Carried.

Clerk Elaine noticed excess funds sitting as cash in the investment account. Since cash is not earning much interest at this time, the Council would like her to contact Kelly Meyer at United Prairie Bank to invest this cash in CDs. The rest of that investment account is sitting in a house account, since Ned Jones is no longer licensed to be our rep. Council suggested talking to Kelly about these investments as well. Motion by Habben, second by Baumgard. All ayes: Carried.

It was brought to the attention of City Hall that Margaret Street has the “no truck” signs and there is a resident parking his semi-tractor in his driveway. If we allow one, we need to allow everyone, so Council instructed Clerk Elaine to send a letter notifying the resident that he lives on a “no truck” street and must look into alternate places to park his semi-tractor.

Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services update – discussed need for resolution to limit where small cell towers can be within city limits. Mayor Doug informed the council that SMBS is looking at changing the internet service.

Dennis L. Rick, LTD will no longer be the auditor for the City. Clerk Elaine has been looking for alternate auditors since being notified on November 3rd, 2017. Council will approve new auditor at next meeting.

Sealed bids for the 1979 International Fire Truck were opened and Tony Hall was the winning bidder for $2,051.01. Motion by Larson, second by Baumgard to accept the bid. There were a total of four bids submitted. All ayes: Carried.

The next Council meeting will be on Thursday, December 7th, 2017 at 5:30pm at City Hall. Salary/performance reviews for employees will be done first and the meeting will follow.

City Hall will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th to observe the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Motion by Habben, second by Larson to adjourn. All ayes: Carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:57pm.