2018 March Newsletter

The next City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 at 6:15pm at City Hall.

Automatic Payments – If you would like to know more information about the automatic payment plan we currently have at the City, please stop in during regular office hours to discuss. This is offered at no charge to you and all I would need is for you to fill out an authorization form and provide a voided check for the account you would like to use for your City Utility payments. If you would like to have a form mailed out to you, please let me know. Each month on the 15th the automatic payment will be taken out of your bank account, if it lands on a weekend or holiday it’s the next business day. You will receive the bill as usual around the 1st of the month, so you will know the amount of your utility bill and on the 15th, the payment is made for that exact amount and you don’t have to worry about it.

2018 Dog License: Are now PAST DUE!!!! Please stop down to City Hall and pay the $10.00 per dog to satisfy your responsibility as part of the Round Lake community. Bring proof of rabies shot so we can have it on file for your dog. It’s in our ordinances that all dogs MUST be licensed and on a LEASH AT ALL TIMES!!!! Thank you. City Hall has received reports of dogs running loose, please tie them when you put them out! It’s our City policy. They were due January 1st!


SNOW REMOVAL REMINDER! City ordinance states “no vehicles or other items are to be parked on the street during snowfall, until AFTER snow removal is done”. PLEASE honor this ordinance! Having vehicles parked on the street makes it dangerous for the plow drivers and risks damage to your vehicles. Do NOT push or blow snow onto your neighbor’s property, it’s disrespectful and they don’t appreciate it. City Ordinance states that you are not to blow snow into City streets either. Clear snow around mailboxes to make it easier to deliver the mail, we all need to work together to make the winter months better for all of us! Thank you in advance!



RL American LegionSunday, March 4th from 8am-Noon, the RL American Legion will be serving their delicious pancake breakfast!! Each month they prepare the area’s best pancakes and fill your plate with scrambled eggs and sausage. All you care to eat for only $6, top it all off with coffee and orange juice. There will NOT be a pork chop dinner in the month of March, but you can put April 21st on your calendar for the next one.

City Clerk – Elaine will be attending an educational Clerks Conference during the week of March 20th thru the 23rd.

I apologize in advance for the inconvenience, but as usual, your payments will be recorded on the day they arrive at City Hall. Derek will be making sure all payments are recorded in my absence. Please remember to return the bottom stub with your payment and feel free to use the convenient mail slot on the front door of City Hall to deliver your payment. City Hall will be open during that week, if you need anything, normal business hours apply.


RL Community Center:

Firearm Conceal & Carry Classes – The Round Lake Community Center will be hosting Firearm Conceal & Carry Classes in March and April. If interested, please contact Doug Strandberg at 507-360-2140 or Becky Strandberg at 507-360-0733 or leave a message at 507-376-3865 or 507-945-3200.

Yoga Sculpt Class – See back of this page for details.

RSVP Bone Builders Class – See back of this page for details.

ADVANCE NOTICE!!!Community Rummage Sale – The Round Lake Community Center will be hosting a community wide rummage sale on April 20, 21, and 22nd. Spaces and tables will be available to rent. Each space rented will include three 4’x8’ tables. Additional tables will also be available for rent. Additional information is available on Facebook on The Greater Round Lake Community Association page or by contacting Becky Strandberg at 507-376-3865. Flyers will be posted soon.

April 1st is Easter Sunday! Happy Easter everyone! Check with your local church for schedule of services.