2018 June Newsletter

The next City Council meeting will be on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 at 6:15pm at City Hall.

Golf Cart Permits: Stop in City Hall to get your permits. Cost is $5.00 and it’s in our City Ordinance, need proof of insurance and a rearview mirror attached to golf cart. Any questions, call City Hall, 507-945-8127.

Lawns: Please make sure you are mowing your lawns REGULARLY!! The City does have an ordinance stating that grass and weeds are not to grow on any property to a height of more than six (6) inches. It also states that you are not to mow so that grass clippings go into the street. Please change direction of mowing so that clippings do not clutter the streets, they plug the storm drains and make the town look messy.

Sump Pumps: Please take your sump pump hose OUT of the sewer and put it outside, if you haven’t already done so.

Utility Payments: ALL residents are expected to pay their utility bills IN FULL each month by the 15th. If you do not pay the entire amount by the 15th there is a late charge that will be added of 10% of the remaining balance due. If you have an outstanding balance, you will get a late notice with the new amount due which will include the late charge. You have about one week to pay the new amount due or the City will enforce the disconnect process. When utilities are disconnected, there is a $20 fee for each utility to be reconnected and the entire amount outstanding is required to be paid in full before the utility will be reconnected. If you are unable to pay full amount, call City Hall to make payment arrangements. If you are on a payment plan, you MUST make payments according to plan or be disconnected.

Minnesota Department of Health: There is a $6.36 charge on your utility bill this month. These funds are collected and are forwarded to the MDH, they use these funds to cover the expenses involved with the testing of public water systems in the state. Mandatory fee charged for each connection.

2018 Consumer Confidence Report: Please read the back of this newsletter. The complete version of the report is available in City Hall for you to review or if you would like a copy, please call City Hall during office hours to request a copy be mailed to you, 507-945-8127, this report is for the results of the 2017 Drinking Water testing.

Gopher One Call: Don’t forget to call 811 or 1-800-252-1166 BEFORE you dig. If you are putting in a new garden, planting a tree or bush, or digging for any reason in your yard, it’s the law that you call Gopher One Call to mark your utilities. You are responsible for repairs if you hit something while digging in your yard and depending on the utility the cost can be many thousands of dollars.

Phone Numbers: Just a reminder that I need to update your phone number if you have changed it. Please stop in and let me know what your new number is. There are situations that come up that require the City to contact a homeowner/renter and we need to make sure we have a number that will reach you. Thanks!

Mark your calendars!!! Mark your calendars!! Mark your calendars!!! Mark your calendars!!

U & I Garden Club Annual Plant Sale: Saturday, June 2nd at the Round Lake Fire Hall! The doors open at 9:00am – 11:00am. They will have a fine selection of perennials, annuals, houseplants and more! Home baked rolls, coffee and/or juice will be for sale next door in the Round Lake Senior Citizen Center. Stop by and have a roll while you shop!

Tuesday, June 12th – MN State Horticulture Society District IV Convention will be held at the Round Lake Community Center. Speakers will be Kristin & Tim Keikens and Bill Brandt, there will be 4 vendors selling plants all day. Contact Pat Schoenfelder at 507-945-0059 for more information or to pre-register, send check made payable to: U and I Garden Club, send name and registration fee to Pat Schoenfelder, 27801 State Hwy 264, Worthington, MN 56187.

Mosquito Spraying: A complete list of the dates they will be in Round Lake spraying is on the bulletin board located in the front window of City Hall for your convenience. You can see full schedule on our website, www.roundlk.net. June dates for spraying are the 7th, 18th & 28th.

Pork Chops at the Legion: The Round Lake Legion will be having their pork chop dinner on Saturday, June 16th from 5:00pm-7:00pm or until gone! Give yourself a break from cooking and let the Legionnaires do it for you!